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I feel a little guilty as I write this, but it is a true account of my recent experience and feel the need to share it with someone. I'm in my 40 years, happily married with children, etc. My wife is a good woman, and we have good sex once or twice a week. I extravid am extravid a director of an engineering office (in the central region) and since September 2008 which was assigned a ' qualified ' to work with me on the placement of a local university. I figured it would be a man, but if we graduated, I was pleasantly surprised that it was an attractive girl, very young looking named Sarah. Sarah was very nice extravid and fun, we got along from the beginning. covers macho shit they have in the shop very well and although reluctant I am pleased that you have to. over time, I looked more and more admired her tight little ass and saw her pert breasts skin, beautiful in her throat, her pretty face and lips found, but never all that one does notcombat, and I was careful never (I thought ) that his gaze on me. Just before Christmas we went a few days to visit a few sites in the UK. I had to see a few people and only Sarah really came to see how projects were managed 'out of place. ' We stayed in a hotel in Edinburgh on our first night and it was pretty quiet in the hotel so we decided on the spot - we have a restaurant, sat and ate and drank a few bottles of wine - for the first once we have opened and spoke openly about ourselves and how the extravid drink has given us - we were in shorts for now - began extravid a little more personal. Sarah asked me about my marriage - asked personal questions flow : 'Are you really happy? ', ' Does your wife really fuck or has gone through the process,' ' who has forged a', ' When extravid was the last time you enjoy it. 'You asked the questions as fast as I just answered some of them before they escaped from the next. Sarah has made me insecure questionsand I decided to fire questions at part because they wanted to stop sometimes and still makes me personal questions. I asked him who he was fucking ( she said she would be separated from her boyfriend, but she had regular sex since I was 14! ), How many times fuck (she said, as often as he could ), I asked: What was the dirtiest thing I had done (she said two men after a party !). We have N insulting questions as a child of 22 years and a man old enough to be exchanged, to be his father - who claims to have slept with more than 50 men and fucked in more places than ever could have imagined - that made ​​the point it was much more sexual experience than me. And if half of it was what extravid she extravid said is true, was it! I decided it was time for the bill and leave so I got the bill paid, and we have our hands extravid and went to the hill we went extravid to our hotel, as we have carried out his arm and clung to me - I say that I had too much to drink. It was dark and I wanted to return to the hotel from the cWind of age, but Sarah seemed in no hurry. We stopped and stared at Edinburgh Castle - the orange glow and Sara whispered in my ear - '. I see you are looking for, know you love me ' Before I could react my lips touched and kissed him gently and then I moved her arm and left. A few meters from the road he stopped again and this time we kiss well - after a few minutes we left and we were in meters from our hotel. Walked into the lobby - Sarah suggested a drink - we were both a lot, but after the kiss he needed a drink! We entered the bar, found a quiet corner and I have a whiskey, I sat and saw Sarah - she was beautiful, but so young. I asked if he was okay and I said I was ok, but my heart in my mouth. Sarah knocked your drink knocked on the glass and took my arm and said : Come I followed her to the elevator, then down the hall and in your room - took the card to unlock the door and finally w?and extravid entered his room - it was dark and put a extravid lamp which was relatively dark in the room. Sarah came to me, took my hands in hers and kissed me, we kissed long and hard until he returned - and she said, come to my bed and know that you will not regret. A few minutes was out of Sarah - bold Pull your bra small breasts, sucking her nipples, biting, he lay in bed, and went to show her tiny white thong in a bare plain, but the area hairy pubes - I immediately began to lick and taste it - it was wet and her small waist and beautiful soft skin turns me on. She was licking and licked between her legs and explored what seemed extravid an eternity, after a while she began to rub her clit while I licked and finally the combination of care when it came, and sank the ecstasy of orgasm, she smiled and said ' thank you'. Now it was my turn to my clothes, and she helped me outthem - I felt sure that my body was not on par with it. Sarah took my cock in her hand and slowly stroking then asked me to pull me to her and extravid I made a few seconds, until ' do you want me to suck ' in demand. Without saying a word I say, said this was a very good idea, and I have been looking extravid for Sarah in her mouth, in my eyes, shaking his head back and forth - God saw a dirty little thing, and it was the hand rubbed between her legs again. My penis was very hard and my concerns have fallen - I really wanted to fuck Sarah - I pulled my cock from her mouth and asked - do you want to fuck me? I said I was. She asked in a joking - Tell me, what will you do to me? I replied. ' I'm going to fuck Sarah said, ' I just can fuck, fuck me if time and again, if I promise to be 'a request which I am willing to agree. Sarah pushed me in the back and says his will, he spat on my cockplaced on my cock and impaled her gently to me, before he stepped forward and kissed me - then we hugged and kissed sometimes, when I was riding gently and carefully, because we loved them asked me : ' I have all the 'nice ' til I could no longer and went into it - that was good was so good and was certainly more attentive lover I've ever had at times a little dirty whore Sarah, but at the same time. with love and tender affection. Since that night, Sarah and I are lovers, and we to her apartment after work (and regularly at lunchtime). I doubt that our relationship is in its final placement but I'm a very lucky man and make the most of it while you can.
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